Scope of UMass Libraries Collection and How It Was Acquired

From the 1972/3 through 1997, the former Physical Sciences and Engineering Library received a collection of approximately 400,000 energy related technical reports on microfiche directly from the United States Department of Energy (DOE). These reports were received in addition to the DOE reports received on depository in the Library’s former Government Documents Collection, and by virtue of the fact that faculty members on campus received grant money from the DOE. The Library has no record of which faculty received those grants, and none of the current faculty in Physics or Environmental Engineering know. According to the DOE, our collection is only one of a few in the United States. This microfiche collection was moved from the former Physical Sciences and Engineering Library to the W.E.B. Du Bois Library basement in 2004, when the former Biological and Physical Sciences libraries merged to form SEL.

Why Is The Collection Uncataloged?

This collection was intended to be cataloged but never was, due to other higher cataloging priorities and the enormity of the collection. Access to this collection in ALEPH is via a catalog record for the whole collection (not individual titles) created in 2001: ALEPH BIB # 3868614 DOE Reports. There is also WorldCat record for this collection: OCLC #213472053.

Access to the Collection For Library Users

Individual microfiche can be paged from the basement for users, if a user or librarian know we have a specific title. Fiche are filed by SuDoc classification number, so a request must come with SuDoc information. Fortunately, many but not all of the titles can be found in the DOE SciTech Connect database: . Links forSciTech Connect can also be found under many science and engineering topics in the Library’s Database Locator: These links give users the option of requesting the full text microfiche. A record for SciTech Connect and the link to request full text microfiche can also be found in ALEPH (BIB #13458964).

Possible Future Enhancement of Access to the Collection

The Library has investigated the possibility of donating the collection to TRAIL (Technical Report Archive and Image Library). TRAIL is a collaborative project to digitize, archive, and provide persistent and unrestricted access to federal technical reports issued prior to 1975. Currently, TRAIL does not have the technology to digitize microfiche. Hopefully, TRAIL will get the needed equipment someday, and will accept and digitize our DOE microfiche.

Primary contact: Cynthia Spell

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