EBSCO Regular Tasks

There are some regular maintenance things that need to be done to make sure that EDS and HLM are up to date.

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FCC Location Lookup Tables

The location lookup table for the physical spaces of the Five Colleges need to be updated periodically based on changes to Aleph collection codes and SubLibraries.

  • This is something coordinated through Five College Discovery Committee. When new collections or locations are created or deleted, let DRMS know and we can work to update them with EBSCO.

SCUA Location Lookup Tables

This isn't working with newer versions of excel Twice a year, the SCUA location lookup table (for limiting by collection in the advanced search window) needs to be updated to catch new collections and resources added to Credo.

  • Go to the URL Aaron created to access the OAI endpoint. (It is stored in JGMs calendar invite.)
    • Save (right click) as an XML file
    • Open a blank Excel File
    • Open the XML File (not through the data tab, but underl File > Open)
    • Allow Excel to open the file as an XML table, and to create its own Schema. (Click OK twice.)
  • Copy and paste the data into a new tab to sever the link with the XML File
  • Open the credo_lookup_table document.
    • DRMS Drive > EDS > Institutional Repository and Catalog > SCUA Lookup Table Updates Folder
      • The documents inside are the ones sent to EBSCO. Find the latest.
      • If the number of rows match between the two worksheets (new and old) you don't have to continue.
  • Remove the first three columns and the final column from the new data
    • These are identifiers and descriptions that are not needed for EDS.
  • Set up the headers for the file to send to EBSCO (Steal it from the old document)
    • ns1:setSpec : Name in Data
    • Insert Blank Column: Facet Display
    • ns1:setName : Full Display
    • ns1:setName : Limiter
    • Limiter: ns1:setName (Copy the entire column)
  • The Second Column (Facet Display) needs to be created manually
    • Copy the column from the old document send to EBSCO
    • Find the places where the changes happened. (For Dec. 2019 the new additions were all at the bottom of the file
      • Insert a Cell and create a new Facet Display Name
    • Save the Excel spreadsheet and then save it as a .txt file
  • Email the document to Support to submit it.
    • “Hello, Could the attached file be used to update the location lookup table for UMAAH ir01012a (UMass SCUA Digital Collections)? Thanks! Jack”


  • Go to the URL Aaron created to access the OAI endpoint. (It is stored in JGMs calendar invite.)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the XML Tree
    • Compare the final collection to the most recent file sent to EBSCO (As of 20200612 it is Silvio O. Conte)
      • Check DRMS Drive or EBSCO Connect
    • If they match, no new collections have been added
      • If they don't, use the formatting mentioned above and create a new lookup table with additional collections appended to the older version. Send to EBSCO as outlined above.

LCL Collection Updates

These are to update specific LCL collections created for linking to full text in EDS. It is easiest to send title lists to Bob. Title and Identifier are the required fields.

Literature Criticism Online

Once a year after Spring renewals the LCL collection created for the Literature Criticism Online CustomLink should be updated. Visit the Resource page and click on “What's Inside” under the basic search bar. Export the title list for our databases.

  • Remove everything but the ISBN and the Title
    • Edition statements will not be included in the file Bob Uploads as they are not supported.
  • Save the entire export as a Tab Delimited .txt document
  • Go to EBSCOAdmin and then the Local Collections Tab
    • Click the “Go” for the 2019Apr29LitCritEbookCollection
  • To overwrite the existing local collection, choose upload local titles at the top of the screen.
    • Make sure the Collection ID is correct (2019LitCri)
    • Make sure the Column Identifiers are correct.
      • The column number needs to be in brackets.
    • Make sure the radio button for “Replace is selected”
      • This will overwrite everything
    • Upload the file
    • Submit

Gale eBooks (GVRL)

  • Coordinate with the UMBLT
    • We manage a local collection for chapter level linking.
    • Get data from Jennifer E. from the MARC files
    • Edition statements will not be included in the file Bob Uploads as they are not supported.

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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