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EBSCOhost Database Maintenance

Management of content in EBSCOhost is not quite the same as managing content in EDS.

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Finding Indexed and Full Text Content

EBSCOhost indexes a wide variety of content, but not all records in EBSCOhost databases will link to full text. The journal Podiatry Review for instance has full text from 9/1/2009 to present, but has metadata indexed from 1/1/2008 to present. This can be found in the publication page in EBSCOhost. Click on the pub. title in the advanced record to find full holdings information. What is indexed versus what has full text is based on marketing and sales decisions by EBSCO.

Native Linking

Primary linking for EBSCOhost databases is through direct links to PDF/HTML (Smart Links) and Linked Full Text (Smart Links Plus). Anything else is powered by CustomLinks (which we have chosen not to enable in EBSCOhost) and the link resolver CustomLink.

SFX Linking

The main method of linking after native linking is through the SFX UMLinks. The CustomLink “SFX Link Resolver (Main User Group) EHOST” is attached to the “EBSCOhost Web (ehost) - ehost” profile in the Admin. It is joined by a specific CustomLink (SFX Link Resolver (GeoRef Only) UMAAH) for SFX linking through GeoRef. These CLs cascade down to all EBSCOhost databases, regardless of if they have a specific profile. For instance, CINAHL has a profile with no CustomLinks but still uses SFX linking. These CLs are set to “Always Show,” with the secondary setting to suppress the CL based on the local collection “EDRS Exclude (umaah.edex)” being selected. However, UMLinks will show on indexed content regardless of whether there is actually full text. We have no ILL CL enabled in EBSCOhost.

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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