Electronic Resources Cancellation Checklist


  • Vendor. Save copy to eleres/cancellations folder
  • Eleres blog (C.Turner)
  • Usage statistics for packages or databases (N. Washburn)
  • E-Reserves (if applicable)
  • Selector, Liz and Ref-Liaisons list when resource is no longer available with note to remove from LibGuides, etc.


  • Make calendar entry for when access will cease. Reference checklist in notes.
  • Update DBList/Master Renewal List, noting cancellation date
  • Put copy of vendor cancellation notice in paper file for databases or packages




  • If individual title (e-journal, database), suppress Bib record for e-journal and Bib and holdings record for database
  • If package (e-book, e-journals, streaming), suppress master record and send collection name/code to Ron (?) for suppression of individual title records
  • Print bib records of individual databases and give to Marcelle


  • De-activate individual title or entire target, as appropriate, for e-journals and some e-books
  • If de-activating target, also de-activate Service and objects within it

WorldCat Local knowledge base

  • Deselect aggregator databases. (E-journals will be de-activated through SFX holdings file load; e-books get links from our catalog)

Research Databases list

  • Remove from list


  • delete stanza in configuration file, making sure it's not used for another resource or likely to be used in the future

Primary Contact: Christine Turner 2009/05/20 14:25

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