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HLM Admin Management

HLM, or Holdings Management, is the EBSCO system that powers the exact match eJournal placard in EBSCO. Maintaining HLM means enabling subscribed, full-text eJournal content. Approximately 87% of our eJournal subscriptions (individual and package) are paid to EBSCO. Once something appears in HLM then you can go about the relatively simple process of enabling the package or title.

Also See

HLM Overview Page

The overview page for HLM in the EBSCOAdmin shows how many unique titles and packages we have enabled, as well as linking out to be able to create custom resources and packages, and to manage some of our universal settings. From this page you can get to the following

  • Titles and Packages
    • This placard will open up the search screen and default to selected.
  • Creating Custom Resources and Packages
    • The form for creating these from scratch. Custom versions of managed titles are created from within a title in package.
  • Managing Links
    • This portal is similar to ranking in EDS. Here you can rerank, manage link assignments, change text/icons/etc, and manage our local links for Menu integrations, etc.
      • EBSCO automatically applies the appropriate links when we activate a resource.
  • Upload/Download Holdings
    • This can be used to import external data into existing Packages
      • Documentation exists on EBSCO Connect and below for these functions
      • Downloading holdings is the only way to find Custom titles. Notes are not included.
  • Manage Notes
    • These are for the internal or public notes attached to records, not for Custom Labels. This is available by going into the title search screen.
      • HLM is hierarchical like SFX. Any note attached to a vendor will inherit down to Package and then Title.
    • There is no functional limit to how many notes you can create or attach to a record, but they do only appear in FTF and PubFinder, not in the Exact Match Screen

Enabling a New Resource

When a brand new resource appears in your queue it can be enabled in HLM.

How to Enable

  • Confirm whatever title or package actually matches the subscribed content. Selecting the title will activate it in HLM
    • Always check the proxy settings, custom coverage, and whether or not the package is set to Allow EBSCO to Add New Titles.
    • Leave any notes as Custom Labels

When Not to Enable

  • Moving forward, we will activate all material types in HLM except for Abstract and Index packages. This may need to be revised following testing in EDS/FTF.

Regular Maintenance in HLM


Renewals in HLM are easier than anywhere else. As long as the resource is still enabled and the number of titles is roughly the same as the title list/SFX target then things are just fine.


When a ceased or cancelled workflow step arrives in your Queue, the resource in HLM needs to be disabled.

  • Make changes to the notes in CORAL

Title Changes

  • Deselect in the first package (as long as they are not one of the PA publishers) and select it in the new package if applicable.

Platform Changes


Custom Content

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