SEL Serials Problems Procedure

All SEL serials problems should be referred to John Caranci. He will resolve the problems or consult with the following people in Du Bois:

General Questions and Problems

Lucy deGozzaldi

Claiming, Cancellations, Title Changes, Cessations

Diana Pacunas, Judy Rohan, or Lucy deGozzaldi

Serials Prediction Patterns

Lucy deGozzaldi or Diana Pacunas


Diana Pacunas or Nancy Washburn

New SEL Serials (including Journals) Notification to John Caranci to Set Up Box

Lucy deGozzaldi or Diana Pacunas


SEL Deaccessions

Marcelle Lipke or Lucy deGozzaldi

Withdrawals or Reinstatements

SEL Deaccessionss

Marcelle Lipke or Lucy deGozzaldi

Transfers Within SEL

SEL - Transfers Within SEL

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