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See instead Ceased and Cancelled Serials Workflows

(Aleph Workflow-Collection Services Division)
(Working Draft, 8/25/17)

Serials Cancellations

  • If the title is “Latest vol. only retained” pull and discard all of the pieces.
  • Delete the record from Aleph.
  • Update the Local Holdings record in OCLC.
  • Go to the Order record.
  • Under (2.) General make sure there is some kind of cancellation code in the Order Status field (LC=Library cancelled, CLS=closed or CE=cancelled for online version). In the Library Note field, insert a brief statement why title is cancelled, i.e. “Cancelled for online, etc., [date], [initials]“. If the print copy is cancelled for online, (Order Record Status of CE), make sure we have online access before cancelling. If not, notify Electronic Resources staff.
  • Under (3.) Vendor enter today's date in Subscription End field. Hit Update.
  • In checkin mode (stack of books icon), Under (2.) Expected/Not Arrived (top screen), delete any expected issues beyond the last issue that was received.
  • Under (1.) All (top screen), highlight last issue received/expected before cancellation, and insert in the Internal Note field: CANCELLED. Hit Update.
  • Click on [L] Subscription List(1.) Under Subscription Info.(1) enter today's date in the “To Date” field.
  • If the title is “Latest vol. only retained” and we are not keeping any of the pieces, pull and discard the pieces we have. Delete the record from Aleph.
  • Under (4.) HOL Links (bottom screen), highlight the correct item and hit Edit.
  • Update the 866 field to reflect what we have that is bound. And remove the dash (-) at the end of the statement.
  • Add in a 590 (Ctrl. F6) field and enter: “CANCELLED; record closed, [date], [initials].”
  • If the title is a periodical with a pattern added, delete the 853X field. (This will prevent the pattern from being opened for any issues being checked in after cancellation, while preserving the pattern setup in the 853 field in case the title is reactivated.)
  • Save the record.
  • Update the Local Holdings Record in OCLC.

Update bib. record as necessary, adding notes re numbering irregularities, suspensions, etc.

If the title was cataloged to a Reference or Science location, notify them that the title has been cancelled and see what they would like done with the piece(s).

Primary contact: Diana Pacunas.

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