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Serials Discard Decision File

The Library occasionally receives unsolicited gifts, sample serial issues, or other serials issues by U.S. Mail, for which there seem to be no record in our online catalog. When an unsolicited gift is received and the Library's Gift Librarian (Jim Kelly) or a Library Selector decides it should be discarded and not added to the collection:

Search the online catalog via Title Keyword search(Not Journal Title Keyword search) for:

Discard Decision File

You will note that your search yields 69 entries, some of which indicate a portion of the alphabet covered by the record. (Example: DISCARD DECISION FILE [AG-AL].

Use the alphabetical entries. The other entries are old ones that migrated from Innopac.

Open the catalog record, and add your title in the correct alphabetic location:

246 00 [subfield a] Ag illustrated [subfield h] (discard per P.Stern, 2009)

246 00 [subfield a] AgBioResearch [subfield h] (discard per P. Stern, 2014)

246 00 [subfield a] Age and sex of migrants (United Nations wall chart) [subfield h](discard per LHB, 2014)

noting the decision to discard (or other instructions as apply) the librarian who made the decision and the date).

Be sure to Update (i.e., save) the record.

Useful companion link: Serials - Unsolicited Gifts (POS) Procedures

Created by C. Spell 5/18/16

Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi.

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