(Working Draft, updated 11/30/2017)

**Serials Title Changes**

  • Search old title in OCLC and make a printout.
  • Search new title in OCLC (F2), by using the OCLC number found in the 785 field of the old title. Catalog according to fastcat instructions below. If no record for the new title can be found in Connexion, give issues to Ann to create an original record.
  • These are many of the core fields that will likely be seen in serials records. Please ensure all information has been accurately transcribed from the title page, title page verso, colophon, cover, etc.
  1. 022 ISSN (not present for all serials)
  2. 050/090 XX1234 $b .X23 (if no call number, still export record, then give title to cataloger)
  3. 245 Title : $b subtitle / $c statement of responsibility (serials may not have statement of responsibility, or author)
  4. 246 Parallel title or variant title, generally seen in foreign language titles (You may see multiple 246 fields)
  5. 264 Place of publication : $b Publisher, $c Date of publication
  6. 300 volumes : $b illustrations (this field may not be present) ; $c size in cm
  7. 310 Frequency note
  8. 362 Statement of first issue or last issue or ceased
  9. 588 Source of title note (You may see multiple 588 fields)
  10. 650 check for subject headings here

You will generally see one or more of these linking fields in serials records

  • 780: field used in the bib record of the NEW TITLE to link to the name of the previous title.
    • Example: 780 00 Blue book building and construction (Connecticut, Western Massachusetts ed.) ǂw (OCoLC)43452693.
  • 785: field used in the bib record of the OLD TITLE to link to the name of the succeeding title.
    • Example: 785 00 The who's who in building & construction (Connecticut & Western MA.) ǂw (OCoLC)987576564.

RDA records will always have an 040 $e rda

  • 336 text $b txt $2 rdacontent
  • 337 unmediated $b n $2 rdamedia
  • 338 volume $b nc $2 rdacarrier
  • Add field 910 Initial and date in this format: ABC 06/20/2017
  • Add field 928 AUTHORITY

Update holdings (Action –> Holdings –> Update holdings). You will now see that it says Held by AUM at the top of the screen.

Export record to overlay using the Export button (square icon with an E and arrow)

Search for the new bib record in Aleph Cataloging Module, by copying the number that shows in the pop-up box: FCL01.######### (Just copy everything after the “.”)

Remove the order number from the Subscription Info. List in the old title record but write down the number first!! Find the bib. record for both old and new title, and have both on a split screen. Use the Tree Editor tab (three small squares) on top cataloging bar to move the Order record from the old title to the new one.

Closing old title

  • Update 866 field in holdings. Remove the dash at end of holdings statement or add two back slashes if we hold the last issue of title. Add a 590 field saying title changed, [mo-dy-yr],[initials].
  • In (M) item list, remove the Order number from (3.) General Information (2).
  • In the Internal Note field of the last item of old title, enter title changed, [mo-dy-yr], [initials].
  • In the Subscription List: Under 2. Subscription Info. (1), enter today's date in the To Date field.
  • Some of this information may need to be transferred over to the new title before you delete any of this information.
  • Under 3. Subscription Info. (2), in the Check In note field enter Title changed to [the new title Aleph Bib. no.], [mo-dy-yr], [initials].

New title

  • In the Serials Module, go to [L] Subscription List. Hit Add.
  • Fill in the required information under General Information (1):
    • Sublibrary (UMDUB, UMSCI, etc.)
    • Collection (UPER for pers, UGEN for serials)
    • Material Type (ISSUE for unbound pers or ISSBD for anything bound)
    • Item Status (12 for periodical-unbound, or 11 for bound. 01-Serials)
  • Add item(s).
  • Enter necessary values in Subscription Info.(1), including Sublibrary and Collection, Item Status 12, From Date and Vendor code (from order record), Today's date in From date, End date 12/31/2099. Enter Order number in appropriate box. The transferred order record for serials should be Type O (Standing Order) with a budget of SERIALS, if not, inform Judy.
  • Subscription Info. (2). In check in note, enter any link by instructions if necessary. Info may have already been transferred from the old record to here.
  • In Note field, add TITLE CHANGE.
  • Enter Claim Dates and Discard/Binding figure. If it is a serial, make sure Print Label box is checked.
  • Create a holdings record with Collection UPER or UGEN and link any items to this record as necessary.
  • If it is a periodical, add an 852 field with subfield m Per.
  • Add an 866 field, and enter the first volume of the new title in the holdings statement.
  • Create a prediction pattern and open all to generate expected issues for the coming year. Make sure No is checked under Send Claims and leave values at 0 if it is a Serial.
  • Make sure the HOL record is linked to the Subscription record in the Serials Module.
  • Add a pattern, and Open All to generate expected issues for the first year.
  • In OCLC, update the LHR for the old title and create a new LHR for the new title.

Primary contact: Diana Pacunas.

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