Serials - Unsolicited Gifts (POS) Procedures

The Library occasionally receives unsolicited gifts, sample serial issues, or other serials issues by U.S. Mail, for which there seem to be no record in our online catalog. When an unsolicited gift is received:

1. Search the online catalog (Journal Title Keyword search) to see if we own the title.

2. Search the online catalog (Title Keyword search) to see if the title is in the Serials Discard Decision File. If it is, follow any instructions.

3. Check OCLC WorldCat to see if the issue is a title change for a title we own. If it is, close out the old title and catalog the new title.

4. If none of the above apply, fill out an Unsolicited Materials Decision Slip (kept by Diana Pecunas) and send to Jim Kelly (or the appropriate selector, if you know that) to decide if the unsolicited gift should be kept.

5. Check with Acquisitions to see if it is a newly ordered title. Follow your intuition on this - there should be a record in the online catalog if the title is on order, but check if you don't see a record and you think someone might have forgotten to create one.

6. When the Unsolicited Materials Decision Slip is returned, follow the instructions to either catalog or put in the Serials Discard Decision File.

Created by C. Spell 5/18/16

Primary contact: Lucy deGozzaldi.

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