Serials Workflow: Current Year Only

July 2020

Current Year/Latest Year workflows currently under review

Diana reviewing spreadsheet below. After Diana reviews, send to Lisa.

Historical information to consider

Notes from Innopac Checkin Records

Per Lucy (July 2020):

RE the cheknotes documents: They can be useful in regard to print law materials with special superseding instructions. Though we might not be receiving many of these titles anymore–and maybe most Law stuff we subscribe to now is online? Check with selector who might have an idea about what law materials we want to keep receiving in print, if any. Check with Judy and/or Diana to see if they've accessed these spreadsheets. They are also available on the R: Drive, in Info_Processing/Serials.

The serials specialist would also be able to tell you about whether she handles superseding Law Materials. We may not need the checknotes.

Links to Excel spreadsheets containing instructional notes that were too large to migrate into Aleph. Especially useful for Law titles with “superseding volume” instructions.

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Sorted by OCLC Number


Contact: Ann Kardos

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