Staff Working Tools Procedures

Cataloging and processing will be done on a Rush basis.

I. General

Sometimes the Library will acquire materials that are intended to be used as working tools for staff in the various units of the Library or for committees or working groups.

These tools will generally be located in the unit that will use them, or in another designated location.

Generally, these tools will receive full cataloging and processing, except no security targets, but the records will be suppressed from public view in the OPAC.

II. Acquisitions

A. If a bibliographic record does not already exist in the OPAC, download from OCLC or create a new record.

Suppress the bibliographic record by entering a STA SUPPRESSED field.

The Item Status should be 01, so that these materials may be checked out by staff.

Make the SubLibrary UMDUB, and the Collection UCOL.

Enter a note in the Library Note field in the order record and the Internal Note field in the item record indicating the designated location, e.g. “Working tool housed in IRM”, or “Working tool ordered for Digital Strategies Group, housed in IRM.”

B. If a bibliographic record already exists in the OPAC, create a new order record and item record attached to that record.

Do not suppress the bibliographic record.

Suppress the item record by entering an ‘SU’ code in the Item Processing Status field.

III. Cataloging

When the item arrives, receive it as usual, and either apply FastCat or pass to a cataloger.

Treat as Rush cataloging.

Flag the item with a routing slip saying “Working tool for [Dept.].

In either case, a holdings record should be created and suppressed with a STA SUPPRESSED field.

Apply normal cataloging standards, so that the record can be used without further editing if a circulating copy is later ordered.

Barcode and link the item, as normal.

***Don't suppress the records for materials for the Scholarly Communication Office. Code the item records UGEN with an item status 03 non-circulating and add an OPAC note that says “Shelved on the 19th floor in the Scholarly Communication Office”

IV. Processing

Apply full Rush processing, except do not apply security targets, and deliver to destination.

Working tools housed in IRM (Collection Code = UCOL) should have the label location IRM at the head of the call number.

There is a special shelf in IRM for working tools ordered for the digital strategies working groups.

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