Depository Transfers: Monograph Packing

Following are instructions for student coder/packers who are sending monographs to the Depository. The macros listed are to be used with the “tech1” login.


  • ALEPH tab settings (upper left corner of screen) should be:
    • Connect to = FCL01
    • Select ADM Library = DEP50
  • Wand in the Barcode of the (first) item.
  • Check Tab 2 item fields of the first item. These fields will duplicate for new items.
    • Sublibrary = UMDPT
    • Collection = UDBKS
    • Material Type = BOOK
      • If the Material Type is ISSBD, please separate and/or process as serials.
    • Description = (may be a “v.#” etc. if the monograph has multiple volumes. If so, make sure Enum level 1 has been filled in.)
    • Item Status = “01”
    • Item Process Status = TR (macro will change any other codes to TR)

Item Record

  • Click on Item Tab6. There should be a check mark under “Linked.” If not, click the “Link” button on the right. (When wanding in the next monograph, Tab6 should automatically appear.)
  • ALT+F7 to change Item fields (Tab2: adds call number type 8 and item process status TR).
  • Check Temporary Location Box.
  • ALT+N to add “UM Box ####”. Update macros for each new box.
    • ALT+B is used for OCA scanned materials (“UM Box #### Scanned for OCA Digitization Project - date - initials.”)

HOL Record

  • ALT+G to the HOL record.
  • Check the following.
    • OWN=DP
      • If OWN code is UM, change it to DP. CTRL+L to save changes.
    • 852 8
    • No call number in 852 8
      • To delete call number, click on subfield h or i, then CTRL+F7.
    • No 866 field. If there is an 866 holdings statement, check with a supervisor to see if it is a serial.
    • CTRL+L to save changes.

Bib Record

  • ALT+1 to the Bib record.
  • Check: OWN=DP (bottom of screen).
    • If OWN code is UM, change it to DP. CTRL+L to save changes.
  • CTRL+B to return to Barcode field.

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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