Depository Transfer Instructions: Monographs

Items Remaining In UMA50

  • ALEPH tab settings (upper left corner of screen) should be:
    • Connect to = FCL01
    • Select ADM Library = UMA50
  • Wand in Barcode in Aleph’s Item line, bring up Bib.
  • CTRL+N (or CATALOGING tab, Duplicate Record).
  • Click OK through (11) screens.
  • Click OK to FCL01 in Select Library box.
  • Change OWN field to DP. Ctrl L to save. Check for LKR field.
  • Change ALEPH tab setting to:
    • Select ADM Library = DEP50
  • Double-click ITEMS under DEP50 (last item on Bib tree, lower left screen)
  • Click NEW for new item.
  • Fill in the following item tab 2 fields (by macro):
    • Sublibrary = UMDPT
    • Collection = UDBKS
    • Material Type = BOOK
    • Call Number Type = 8
    • Description and Enum Level1 filled in for multiple volumes. (This is important. Our student won't catch it.)
    • Item Status =
      • 01 for regular monographs (06 should be changed to 01)
      • 02 for theses
    • Item Process Status = TR
    • Check Temporary Location Box.
  • Wand barcode into Item record.
  • Add Circulation notes if necessary (i.e. “3 maps in end pocket - date - initials”).
  • [If boxing items, fill in Tab 3 fields (by macro): Internal note field should display box number, “Box ### - date - initials” and any bindery notes should be deleted.]
  • Click HOL Links (Item tab 6), then CREATE NEW, then EDIT.
    • OWN field = DP.
    • Tab down HOL record to field 852
      • 1st indicator is 8.
      • Delete LC call numbers found in subfield h and i.
      • Make sure 590 JSTOR note is present if applicable. “JSTOR TITLE. (Transferred to FCD, date, initials)”
    • [THESES ONLY. Create a new field with the url for in-house use in the 856 55 field. For an example to copy see Sys# 4887826.]
  • Save changes to HOL (Ctrl L).
  • Change ALEPH tab setting back to:
    • Select ADM Library = UMA50
  • Delete Item from UMA50 record.
  • If no other items are linked to the HOL (but there is another HOL), delete UGEN HOL. To delete: click the HOL Links tab, click the HOL record, click Edit, Ctrl R.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Admin Records (UMA50):

  • Usually we delete UMA50 records on Depository bibs. If an order record is attached and cannot be deleted (needs higher permission), either let it go through or, if there are a group of volumes, ask a serials person to delete the order records.

Bunker Trays:

  • Maximum size for items sent to Bunker is 14” wide x 24” tall.
  • Bunker trays beginning with U are UMass volumes.

Electronic Copy Remaining in UM

  • Retain the UM Bib and Hol for the electronic item. Delete the HOL for items being sent to the Depository if all items on that HOL are being sent.

FCDPT Existing Records and Items:

  • When adding a UMDPT item to a Bunker record with FC items, use UM codes (UMDPT / UDBKS). The checked temp location box allows this without changing the HOL. HOL record codes should not be changed.

LKR Fields:

  • Check bound-withs and x-links. New x-links need to be created when in the DEP50 admin.

Missing Volumes:

  • See Depository Transfer Instructions: Ser & Pers.

OCA Project:

  • Add Internal Note to the UM Box #### note: “Scanned for OCA Digitization Project – date – initials.”

Packing Slips

  • Monographs do not need a packing slip.


  • Monographs should already be linked so should not need to be counted.

Theses and Dissertations: Variations from Monographs

  • Check Bib to see if there should be an accompanying CD-ROM. If so, check back pocket to be sure it is included.
  • Item Status = 02 for theses
  • Insert in-house use URL into the
    • HOL: 856 55 For an example to copy see Sys# 4887826.
  • No spine labels for theses being sent to the Bunker.

URL text

  • 856 55 ||zRequest item from Five College Depository for use in UMass Special Collections and Archives — Primary contact: Catherine Knapp
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