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Depository Transfers Serials and Periodicals Student Coder/Packers

Following are instructions for student coder/packers who are sending serials and periodicals to the Depository. The macros listed are to be used with “tech1” login.


  • ALEPH tab settings (upper left corner of screen) should be:
    • Connect to = FCL01
    • Select ADM Library=DEP50
  • Packing Slip – All serials/periodicals should be sent with a packing slip in the first volume of each title (or title change). Monographs do not need a packing slip.
  • The total number of volumes being sent should be on the packing slip.
  • Statistics: Subtract the “deleted items” (also written on packing slip) from the total number of volumes being sent and record the result as linking statistics.
  • Wand in the Barcode of first volume.
  • Macros provided below are for the “tech1” login.
  • Check Tab 2 item fields of the first item. These fields should be filled in by a screener for you. When duplicating an item these field values should transfer into the template.
    • Sublibrary = UMDPT
    • Collection = UDPER for periodicals, UDBKS for serials
    • Material Type = ISSBD
    • Item Status: “11” for UDPER (noncirculating), “01” for serials (circulating).
    • Item Process Status = TR
  • Check Tab 6: Is item linked to HOL (check mark)?


  • CTRL+D to Description field, adding “8” in the Call Number Type.
  • Add description, following the format set up by the screener.
    • For Depository linking only: Spell out “June” “July” and “Sept” for item Description fields. Otherwise use the first three letters of the month.
    • Incompletes: Add “Inc.” for incompletes and a “LACKS” or “HAS” note in the OPAC note field (tab 3). Notes are formatted: “LACKS #4,6-8,10” or “HAS v.5#4-7; v.6#1-4,6”
  • Tab 3x and add Enum level(s). Examples:
    • For a description “v.55 no.2 1966”, Enum level 1=55, Enum level 2=2, Chron level 1=1966.
    • For a description “1986 no.2” or “Feb 1986” or “1986 Feb”, Enum level 1=1986, Enum level 2=2, Chron level 1=1986.
  • WIN+1 Wand in Barcode.
  • Tab2: CHECK Temporary Location Box (will transfer to template).
  • If pages are coming out or a volume is not holding together well, please tie the volume or ask for help from Lorraine, Catherine or Marcelle.
  • ALT+N to add “UM Box ####, date, initials”
    • Change macro for each new box by going into MacroExpress (icon on lower right screen), ALT+N, change box#, click Save and CTRL+S to save. Wipe off box before adhering box number label, and remove or mark out existing labels.
    • ALT+B is used for OCA scanned materials (”UM Box #### Scanned for OCA Digitization Project - date – initials.”)
  • WIN+4 to go to Tab 4, Arrival Date.
  • WIN+5 to add date.
  • WIN+6 if filling dates in Chron level1.
  • Enter
  • F12 to Duplicate.

Final Check

  • Quickly check the Barcode and Notes columns of the item list to be sure that barcodes have scanned and box numbers were added.
  • ALT+1 to bib, then CTRL O to public view.
    • Check items on public view against holdings statement to be sure all items are accounted for.
    • Are all items “In Transit”?
    • Do all incompletes have a “LACKS” or “HAS” note?
    • For UDPER items, check for a clickable link, “Click here to request article from Five College Depository.” If this is missing please check with a supervisor.
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