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Information Resources Management (IRM)

Information Resources Management (IRM), an integral part of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries, provides access to information resources, systems and services and collaborates across campus and with external library partners to enable academic study and scholarly research.

Content & Discovery Showcase 2018
IRM Organizational Chart
IRM Major Unit Activities
Evolving Workflows 2016

IRM - General


Electronic Resources

Materials Management



Discovery & Resource Management Systems



049 fields

910 Formatting

AA Chart for Cataloging to Locations As Appropriate

Adding Dissertations and Theses to Scholarworks Collections

Analyzed serials monographic series instructions

Batch Loading Team

Batch Record Loading Updating and Editing Instructions

Batch Uploading ETDs to ScholarWorks

Blocking Theses From Public View in Scholarworks

Books ordered for staff use

Cataloging E-resource Versions of Print Dissertations

Cataloging Equipment

Cataloging monographs fastcat

CD-ROM cataloging instructions

Changing one year campus access titles to open access

Circulation OnTheFly Procedures

Closing monographic series records

Correcting theses and dissertations metadata on ScholarWorks pages

Cross-linking Bound-withs Title changes and Ser anals

Cutter Table

De-duping OCLC local bib records and MARCIt records

De-ref Procedures

Digital Bookplates

Dissertations and Theses Overview

Dissertations Missing from Scholarworks

DVD Cataloging Streamlined Guidelines

DVD Fastcat Instructions

Electronic Dissertations Workflow

Electronic Theses Workflow

E-resource record quality checklist

E-Resources Cataloging - FASTCAT Standards

Faculty Writing Place - Cataloging & Processing

Fastcat LPs

Fastcat Music Audio Recordings (CDs)

Fast originalcat Music Recitals (CDs)

Five College Uniform Language for Linking in 856 fields

Graduate Degree Program Codes

Gov Docs Transfer Project Instructions

Gov Docs Transfer Project Student Job Description

Government Documents Cataloging

Item types

Linked Mt Ida Instructions

Linking Project instructions current version 2019

Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Masters Projects Workflow

LOCKSS Instructions

Macro Express Instructions

Macro Express Instructions on Capturing Mouse Movements

Map Cataloging Resources

MARCEDIT Instructions for Creating Electronic Dissertation Records

MARC Fields List

MARCIt Record Loads

Masha Rudman Childrens Collection Cataloging and Processing

Masha Rudman Childrens Collection Codes

Masha Rudman Childrens Collection Hierarchical Codes

Mass Docs Cataloging Procedures

Memberships - Creating Uniform Bib Records

Metadata Help LibAnswers

Microforms Overview

Microfiche Cataloging Instructions

Microfilm Cataloging Instructions

Microcard, Microopaque, or Microprint Cataloging Instructions

Missing and Lost Serials and Bound Periodicals

Monographs Workflow Overview

Mount Holyoke Cataloging

Mt. Ida Reserves

NACA Publications Cataloging and Processing

NACO Documentation

NASA Special Publications (NASA SPs)

OCA Cataloging Procedures

OCLC Record Manager

Open Access Dissertations - Instructions for Uploading to Scholarworks

Ordering and Processing Dissertations from ProQuest

Paper Dissertations and Theses Workflow

Photocopy cataloging


RDA Training materials

RDA vs. AACR2 Basic Differences


Renaissance Center Cataloging


Searching WorldCat Indexes (Connection, Worldcat, etc.) - Guide from OCLC


ScholarWorks instructions for batch revision of one year campus access ETDs to open access

ScholarWorks Theses and Dissertations Series Abbreviations

SCUA Cataloging

Separate record policy for free electronic resources

Serials Cancellations

Serials Ceased Titles

Serials Discard Decision File

Serials Links to Useful Information

Serials New Titles

Serials Popular Magazines and Newspapers List

Serials Prediction Patterns

Serials Prediction Patterns Examples

Serials Title Changes

Serials - Unsolicited Gifts (POS) Procedures

Setting up auto collect filters for dissertations and theses collections on ScholarWorks

Special Added Volume sequences

Staff Working Tools Procedures

Tableau Cataloging Statistics

Transferring ETD files from Proquest

Withdrawal of Library Materials

A Federal Documents Cataloging

Y Federal Documents Cataloging

Science and SEL



Student Employees

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